Traditional Turkish Dinner Menu | 7 Recipes And Planning Guide


I had a 15 guests coming to my home for a festive Turkish dinner so i prepared a traditional Turkish menu for them from vegetable lentil soup to meat and chickpea dish, baked koftah and potato, chi kofte, sambali and more… In the video i am sharing how i planned my menu from day before and the next day.

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In the menu I have:

Turkish Lentil Soup Recipe With Vegetables

Tea Cookies:

Borek From Scratch Filled With Feta Cheese:

Turkish Meatball And Potato Recipe With Tomato Sauce:

Turkish Sambali / Revani (Basbousa) Dessert With Semolina (No Egg, Oil, Flour) :

Rice Pilaf – Similar Pilaf Recipe with rich ingredient is here (In English: )

Chi Kofte (Spicy raw Turkish meatballs) (Recipe In Turkish Language- stay tuned for english coming version)

Chickpea With Meat

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