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Simon is an adorable little rabbit who’s surrounded by loving family and close friends – he has a little brother called Gaspard and his parents, Eva and André. His close friends, Lou and Ferdinand love playing together for hours and hours. They sometimes quarrel, as friends do, but it never lasts long…

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The charmingly energetic and super adorable rabbit. The NEW modern classic for pre-schoolers!

Simon is an adorable little rabbit who exudes all the vitality of childhood.
He’s at an age when little rabbits (and indeed little children!) are starting to come into their own – challenging relationships with parents, embarking upon school life, learning about the world in general, dealing with authority and of course, language.
Kids can use Simon as an example when standing their ground, they can learn from him, his mishaps and the way he has to get down off his high horse, but always with humor and good grace.

©GO-N Productions 2016 based on Stephanie Blake’s books published by l’école des loisirs


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